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Now out on Amazon, Aylia Fox has combined her skills as a personal trainer and health journalist to bring you her debut book. Fit Not Fat After 50 contains everything you need to know if you've passed your half century and you want a health, fitness, and weight loss guide tailored to you. 

In 50 simple and safe steps, it tells you what to do, how to do it and how to get results fast. 

Using Aylia's Tri-Hybrid-Health model - which works on the premise that total fitness combines three key areas -  it's divided into three corresponding sections:

Part 1 - Diet/food/weight loss          Part 2 - Exercise         Part 3 - Mind/mental health

There's also a lifestyle section.

It's upbeat, positive, humorous and full of pictures, anecdotes, observations, case studies and thought provoking opinions based on Aylia's years of experience working around the world with hundreds of clients.

It's not JUST a book for the over-50's though. Far from it. The fundamental principles apply to anyone of any age. 

So...go get it on Amazon (click on link above) It's available in paperback and e-book. Or, get it  direct from Aylia with a 20% reduction on the £13.99 paperback price. Just message me with your order.

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